Our Mission

We believe that the guests served by The Table are members of our community whose well-being is a community concern. Our goal is to provide a nutritious meal to anyone who is hungry, to offer a clean, safe place to dine, and to treat all our guests with dignity and respect.


After the Napa River Flood in 1986 that devastated homes and businesses in downtown, The Table was established. First Presbyterian Church opened our doors and served homemade casseroles to the hungry in our community.  Hunger remained a problem throughout the area, so other civic & faith groups joined what came to be known as The Table.

Hunger is an invisible problem, so most people are unaware of how large a problem it is in Napa Valley, too many people cannot be sure where their next meal is coming from. Hunger is a problem with a solution!

Our Guest

All are welcome, no questions asked!

They include those who cannot make their finances cover their needs and those trapped in poverty’s cycle:

  • Elders on fixed income, homeless, the disabled, handicapped, working poor and veterans
  • Struggling families with children

Contact Information

Telephone   707.224.8693

The Table

1333 Third St.

Napa, CA 94559-2901

Email:  web@napatable.org

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New Serving Group Needed for One Day a Month

One of the groups that volunteers at The Table can no longer continue their service. The following excerpt from their letter, which nicely illustrates the positive impact this service has on our volunteering organizations.  Our organization has performed this hands on service for many years, and we are truly saddened to have to relinquish providing sustenance for some of Napa’s most vulnerable and needy.  It is only because we are unable to adequately staff the kitchen and serving area that we must withdraw our support.”

For an overview of what is involved by a serving group that helps our community one day a month at The Table, click here.

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