We believe that the diners served by The Table are members of our community whose well-being is a community concern. The Table’s goal is to provide a nutritious meal to anyone who is hungry, to offer a clean, safe place to dine, and to treat all diners with dignity and respect.

The Napa River Flood of 1986, devastated homes and businesses in our downtown.  Approximately 2,500 residences were damaged, forcing 5,000 people into shelters, hotels, and homes of friends. Local businesses were wiped out and some 1,500 people were left at least temporarily without jobs. The damage estimate was $100 million.

The First Presbyterian Church, in the heart of downtown Napa, served as a designated shelter during this difficult time. As the flood waters receded, they recognized a large number of displaced and homeless people that still needed help. They opened their doors and began serving homemade meals to those in need and The Table began. They were soon joined by several other churches and over the years, more community organizations and faith groups have come together to support this very important cause.

For over 30 years, The Table has provided a hot nutritious meal to anyone who is hungry. Thanks to our community groups, The Table has served over 1 million meals since its inception.