Our volunteers are a collaboration from a broad spectrum of various groups within the community. Each group is responsible for cooking and serving the meals with loving smiles and positive attitudes.

The Table appreciates volunteers who donate their time to help prepare and/or serve a meal. It is only through the over 600 plus volunteers each year that The Table has been able to successfully continue on a shoestring budget. Each serving group is responsible for managing their “day at The Table.” Some groups have more volunteers from their organization than they can accommodate. However, we do have groups who have a small core team but would welcome additional help.

Some tasks that we can use assistance with range from:

  • An on-call volunteer to assist when a serving group needs additional help with preparation, serving, & /or cleaning
  • Organizing the pantry supplies and other storage areas
  • Carpentry, handy repair, minor building repairs, painting and other skills
  • Picking up food (requires food handler certificate)
  • Cleaning the kitchen or dining room
  • Baking desserts

Please complete the form on our Contact Us page to indicate your preference(s) and you will be added to on call list.

If you are interested in becoming a new community group. Please view the informative guidelines . Please note we are flexible and these guidelines are not all-inclusive. We would be happy to discuss opportunities to include you in our community-helping community organization.

We deeply value our volunteers, as they are critical to helping us feed the hungry.

To volunteer or receive more information, please call 707-224-8693 or email your contact information to volunteering@napatable.org.


To donate food, you can drop off at the First Presbyterian Church Office at 1333 3rd St. in downtown Napa (across from the Uptown Theater) between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. You can also call 707-224-8693 or email your contact information to volunteering@napatable.org

We accept:

  • fresh produce, fruit, and other items from your garden
  • Prepared excess food from events, weddings, conferences, etc.
  • Note this must be handled safely and in accordance with the California Food Code.
  • Although a special public health permit is not required, donating surplus foods must be done in a way that minimizes food safety risks.

Fear of liability should not prevent donating to The Table, should the recipient become ill from the food. In 1996, the Federal legislature passed the “Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act,” which protects any good-faith donor of apparently wholesome food to a non-profit organization from civil or criminal liability, except for gross negligence or willful misconduct. For more information go to California Department of Public Health.


The Table welcomes the donations of physical product. Please refer to the Pantry Wish List. Almost every group consumes the inventory on a regular basis. You may email your relevant information to volunteering@napatable.org